Our web eco-design approach, understanding the results

At Imediacenter, we're committed to reducing our ecological footprint while providing an optimal user experience. That's why we've adopted an eco-design approach for our new website. Here are the concrete actions we've taken


Performance Optimization

File minimization: we've reduced the size of files (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to cut loading times.

Image compression: use of modern, compressed image formats to reduce environmental impact.

Responsible use of resources

Green hosting: we have chosen a hosting company that uses renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint.

Clean design: a simple, effective design to avoid information overload and improve energy efficiency.

Accessibility and sustainability

Accessibility: our site is designed to be accessible to all, reducing the need to reload or visit the same page several times.

Maintenance: clean, well-structured code for easy updates and maintenance.

Comprendre Les résultats

We are proud to present the scores obtained by our site on various environmental impact assessment platforms. 

The results presented on this page are based on the evaluation of the site at its release on May 27, 2024 and focus solely on its initial development. These evaluations do not take into account the impact of additional scripts and third-party tools used on our site, such as :

Translation tools: scripts needed to offer a multilingual site.
Cookies: scripts for managing cookies and tracking users.
Security: security measures and extensions to protect our users' data.
Accessibility: extensions and scripts to improve site accessibility for all users.

We are committed to optimizing these elements as much as possible to reduce their environmental impact without compromising the functionality and safety of our site.


Average test score on 14 main pages and some 50 articles: B

This rating reflects our efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, while indicating that there is still room for improvement.

Website Carbon

Site rating: A

A promising score that shows we're on the right track to minimizing our carbon footprint. Their calculator is also available on our website at the bottom of the page.

Ecoindex + Greenit dev App

Rating of home page and articles: C

We are actively working to improve this rating by further optimizing our code and resources.


Cleaner than 97% of sites

Homepage output 0.2g / visit - 8 server requests - Total page size 560 KB