imediacenter: rethinking
retail media as a
service with a positive impact

Imediacenter is a committed network for the production, distribution and marketing of retail media activations and content. We see our business as a service with a positive impact.

We're committed to your environment, and we want to be an active part of it : sharing what's important to you. We ' re committed to your environment, and we want to play an active role in it: sharing what's important to you.

pioneer of
retail media

Imediacenter was born from the idea of turning physical stores into indispensable communication spaces for brand campaigns - as close as possible to the act of buying. Since its creation in 2016, Imediacenter has enjoyed a unique positioning in the advertising market. As the 1st advertising network to implement in-store screens, Imediacenter has been a pioneer in retail media, activating the best levers to boost sales and optimize the customer experience. In just a few years, Imediacenter has been able to develop a global offering that includes a studio and facilities management services, enabling retailers as well as lifestyle venues to energize and enhance their assets.


Creation of Imediacenter




A pioneer in retail media

our pact for impact

Our IMpact approach embodies our commitment to sustainability, humanity and social usefulness.
Behind IMpact, there is an ambition: to have a positive impact on the world around us and contribute to a better future, by reconciling business impact with positive impact for all.
IMpact is our pact with the Planet, People and Society.
With brands, consumers, our partners and all the places where we live.

Our ambition is to go beyond our role as an advertiser by developing educational, non-advertising editorial content, in line with social issues. Our committed editorial line suggests to consumers positive choices for their health and for the planet. We cover the following themes: "Bien dans mon assiette", "Engagé pour ma planète", "Bougez, c'est gagné", "Infusion culture".

our team:
experts at
your success

Our human-sized team brings its expertise to all our customers, helping them to meet all their marketing challenges in terms of digitalization and asset enhancement.

Through our Management, Studio and Facilities offers, we are focused on the benefit of our customers. We're all about interaction. Our experts work with you to build unforgettable media experiences, while helping to renew the buying experience.

our offices:
from the lille belfry
to the eiffel tower

Our friendly offices are a reflection of our corporate culture.
We want our teams to feel at home here, so that they can develop their skills in complete serenity, and create relevant, effective offers for our customers. Located in Lille and Paris, coffee, tea in the open bar, team moments and common spaces where ideas flow!

our awards

our certifications

At Imediacenter, we firmly believe in the need to review our business models to support more virtuous and responsible consumption. We pay particular attention to the recognition of our commitments through various labels and certifications.

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